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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (C) 2009 Google Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

# This module is used for version 2 of the Google Data APIs.

__author__ = ' (Jeff Scudder)'

import atom.core

APP_TEMPLATE_V1 = '{}%s'
APP_TEMPLATE_V2 = '{}%s'

class Name(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """The atom:name element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'name'

class Email(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """The atom:email element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'email'

class Uri(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """The atom:uri element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'uri'

class Person(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """A foundation class which atom:author and atom:contributor extend.

  A person contains information like name, email address, and web page URI for
  an author or contributor to an Atom feed.
  name = Name
  email = Email
  uri = Uri

class Author(Person):
  """The atom:author element.

  An author is a required element in Feed unless each Entry contains an Author.
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'author'

class Contributor(Person):
  """The atom:contributor element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'contributor'

class Link(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """The atom:link element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'link'
  href = 'href'
  rel = 'rel'
  type = 'type'
  hreflang = 'hreflang'
  title = 'title'
  length = 'length'

class Generator(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """The atom:generator element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'generator'
  uri = 'uri'
  version = 'version'

class Text(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """A foundation class from which atom:title, summary, etc. extend.

  This class should never be instantiated.
  type = 'type'

class Title(Text):
  """The atom:title element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'title'

class Subtitle(Text):
  """The atom:subtitle element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'subtitle'

class Rights(Text):
  """The atom:rights element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'rights'

class Summary(Text):
  """The atom:summary element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'summary'

class Content(Text):
  """The atom:content element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'content'
  src = 'src'

class Category(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """The atom:category element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'category'
  term = 'term'
  scheme = 'scheme'
  label = 'label'

class Id(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """The atom:id element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'id'

class Icon(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """The atom:icon element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'icon'

class Logo(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """The atom:logo element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'logo'

class Draft(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """The app:draft element which indicates if this entry should be public."""
  _qname = (APP_TEMPLATE_V1 % 'draft', APP_TEMPLATE_V2 % 'draft')

class Control(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """The app:control element indicating restrictions on publication.

  The APP control element may contain a draft element indicating whether or
  not this entry should be publicly available.
  _qname = (APP_TEMPLATE_V1 % 'control', APP_TEMPLATE_V2 % 'control')
  draft = Draft

class Date(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """A parent class for atom:updated, published, etc."""

class Updated(Date):
  """The atom:updated element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'updated'

class Published(Date):
  """The atom:published element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'published'

class LinkFinder(object):
  """An "interface" providing methods to find link elements

  Entry elements often contain multiple links which differ in the rel
  attribute or content type. Often, developers are interested in a specific
  type of link so this class provides methods to find specific classes of

  This class is used as a mixin in Atom entries and feeds.

  def find_url(self, rel):
    """Returns the URL in a link with the desired rel value."""
    for link in
      if link.rel == rel and link.href:
        return link.href
    return None

  FindUrl = find_url

  def get_link(self, rel):
    """Returns a link object which has the desired rel value.

    If you are interested in the URL instead of the link object,
    consider using find_url instead.
    for link in
      if link.rel == rel and link.href:
        return link
    return None

  GetLink = get_link

  def find_self_link(self):
    """Find the first link with rel set to 'self'

      A str containing the link's href or None if none of the links had rel
      equal to 'self'
    return self.find_url('self')

  FindSelfLink = find_self_link

  def get_self_link(self):
    return self.get_link('self')

  GetSelfLink = get_self_link

  def find_edit_link(self):
    return self.find_url('edit')

  FindEditLink = find_edit_link

  def get_edit_link(self):
    return self.get_link('edit')

  GetEditLink = get_edit_link

  def find_edit_media_link(self):
    link = self.find_url('edit-media')
    # Search for media-edit as well since Picasa API used media-edit instead.
    if link is None:
      return self.find_url('media-edit')
    return link

  FindEditMediaLink = find_edit_media_link

  def get_edit_media_link(self):
    link = self.get_link('edit-media')
    if link is None:
      return self.get_link('media-edit')
    return link

  GetEditMediaLink = get_edit_media_link

  def find_next_link(self):
    return self.find_url('next')

  FindNextLink = find_next_link

  def get_next_link(self):
    return self.get_link('next')

  GetNextLink = get_next_link

  def find_license_link(self):
    return self.find_url('license')

  FindLicenseLink = find_license_link

  def get_license_link(self):
    return self.get_link('license')

  GetLicenseLink = get_license_link

  def find_alternate_link(self):
    return self.find_url('alternate')

  FindAlternateLink = find_alternate_link

  def get_alternate_link(self):
    return self.get_link('alternate')

  GetAlternateLink = get_alternate_link

class FeedEntryParent(atom.core.XmlElement, LinkFinder):
  """A super class for atom:feed and entry, contains shared attributes"""
  author = [Author]
  category = [Category]
  contributor = [Contributor]
  id = Id
  link = [Link]
  rights = Rights
  title = Title
  updated = Updated

  def __init__(self, atom_id=None, text=None, *args, **kwargs):
    if atom_id is not None: = atom_id
    atom.core.XmlElement.__init__(self, text=text, *args, **kwargs)

class Source(FeedEntryParent):
  """The atom:source element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'source'
  generator = Generator
  icon = Icon
  logo = Logo
  subtitle = Subtitle

class Entry(FeedEntryParent):
  """The atom:entry element."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'entry'
  content = Content
  published = Published
  source = Source
  summary = Summary
  control = Control

class Feed(Source):
  """The atom:feed element which contains entries."""
  _qname = ATOM_TEMPLATE % 'feed'
  entry = [Entry]

class ExtensionElement(atom.core.XmlElement):
  """Provided for backwards compatibility to the v1 atom.ExtensionElement."""

  def __init__(self, tag=None, namespace=None, attributes=None,
      children=None, text=None, *args, **kwargs):
    if namespace:
      self._qname = '{%s}%s' % (namespace, tag)
      self._qname = tag
    self.children = children or []
    self.attributes = attributes or {}
    self.text = text

  _BecomeChildElement = atom.core.XmlElement._become_child