ISI-over-USB Dissector for Wireshark |

This is a modified version of Sebastian Reichel's ISI/PhoNet protocol dissector for Wireshark.

It differs from the original version in the following ways:
 * It correctly identifies and dissects ISI frames encapsulated in both USB framing, and Linux Cooked framing

 * It adds the foundations of a SIM resource dissector, which identifies most packets generated
    by a Nokia N73 used against OFono - although it does not (entirely) dissect their payloads 

Because basic heuristics are used in this version of the dissector, it will not clash with the PPP dissector,
 if the patch from is applied to your copy of Wireshark.

As of 02/01/2011, the SIM resource dissector is part of the original version of the dissector; although the version
 in this repository is likely to be updated more frequently.
Please check and the BitBucket project for updates in the future.

Building the Dissector (on Linux) |

Preparing Wireshark |

 * Ensure that a recent release of LibPCap (preferrably from Git) is installed

 * Obtain an SVN release archive from and unpack it
 * Obtain the patch from, and place it in the
    Wireshark source directory

 * Enter the unpacked directory (e.g. "wireshark-1.5.0-SVN-35030")

 * Apply the patch using "patch -p0 < bug4814.patch"

 * Run "./configure && make && sudo make install" to install Wireshark to /usr/local

Preparing this Dissector |

 * Edit the values of "MAJORREV" and "SVNREV" in the dissector's Makefile to refer to your SVN release

 * Change "/media/Elements/" within the "CFLAGS" line to refer to the parent directory of your Wireshark 
    source directory

 * Run "make all && sudo make install" to build the dissector

Note that a number of warnings will be produced by the compiler - these can be safely ignored.

Original Version |
The original version of this dissector can be obtained from

Please do not contact the original author regarding this modified version. 

Contact |

Tyson Key (