WiFi Turtlebot Project

Implementation of inexpensive quadruped robot using 3D print model from thingiverse and Raspberry Pi. Differently this project is to use Linux as the runtime platform. The robot is intended to be remotely controlled via WiFi by any mobile devices or computers with a web browser.


The program is written to perform very basic gaits. You are welcome to improve the gaits and adding sensors to make it becoming more intelligent.

Project Blog

Demo of implementations

Video - click here and here

Main components include

  • Raspberry Pi Model B/B+
  • 3D model of the body
  • 8 x 9g Servos
  • 5V2A Power bank
  • An USB WiFi Dongle, e.g Ralink RT5370 USB Wireless Adapter

Building Turtlebot & Installation of Turtlebot Program

See Wiki