A small abstraction layer for the openweathermap API


$ npm install openweathermap


# set defaults

# return the weather right now
now(cfg, callback)

# get a 7 days every 3h forecast
forecast(cfg, callback)

# get up to 14 days daily forecast
# cfg
#  cnt:int(number of days for forecast)
daily(cfg, callback)

# get history for a city
history(cfg, callback)

# find
#  cnt, beginns from 0, cnt 0 returns 1 item, cnt 1 returns 2 items
find(cfg, callback)


units: ('metric'|'imperial'|'internal')
lang:  ('en'|'ru'|'it'|'sp'|'ua'|'de'|pt'|'ro'|'pl'|'fi'|'nl'|'fr'|'bg'|'se'|'zh_tw'|zh_cn')
mode:  'json' // for now only json support
q:     'City Name e.g. London,UK or Berlin,Germany'
cnt:   Number(forecast:number of days, find: 0..)
id:    Number(city id)

# history
type:  ('tick'|'hour'|'day')
start: Number(unix timestamp)
end:   Number(unix timestamp)
cnt:   Number(list count)
attribute \ function defaults now daily history find
q x x x - x
id x x x x -
cnt x - x x x
start x - - x -
end x - - x -
units x x x x x


weather = require 'openweathermap'

# set defaults
weather.defaults {units:'metric', lang:'de', mode:'json'}

# id is Cologne, Germany {id:2886242}, (err, json) ->
  console.dir json

# 2 days forecast
weather.daily {id:2886242, cnt:2}, (err, json) ->
  console.dir json

# history for 3 hours
weather.history {type:'hour', id:2886242, cnt:3}, (err, json) ->
  console.dir json

# find 3 berlins
weather.find {q:'berlin', cnt:2}, (err, json) ->
  console.dir json

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