This is an application that converts text to image. When I was at Vevo, we needed something like this because one of the Vevo core fonts had the explicit license that it cannot be embed using @font-face, however it was permissible to create images from it.

I helped the team get around this licensing issue by using this service which automatically generates images for text we needed. Since all the content that used this font was curated by human before release, the legal department deemed the solution acceptable. As of 2017, this is no longer in Vevo production as their font design has changed.

The codebase supports four different rendering providers -- GDI+, ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick, Pango, WPF. Each of the providers would be disabled if it is not installed on the system.

Due to the difficulty running a .NET application outside of Windows environment, I had made sure the project supported running in Mono since 2011. In early 2018, a preview version of reference assembly for GDI+ became available, I then ported the project to .NET Core.


I have created a Docker container to facilitate the use in late 2017.

docker build -t vevo-text-to-image .
docker run -d vevo-text-to-image

You now can navigate to the IP of the container to use the app. To get the IP of the container, use docker inspect. It is usually for default Docker instances.