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Available options

These are the different options that can be set in Most of these can also be set in ~/.attrfsrc.


nametypedefault valuedescription
to_dirstring() path(none)The directory where the file system will reside.
from_dirstring() path(none)If we want to include one directory on startup, we specify it here. Overrides from_dirs
from_dirs[string()] list of paths(none)Specifies the directories we want to include in the files part of the file system.
attributes_dbstring() path~/attributesThe dets file we use as data base for the file attribute folders.

directory names

nametypedefault valuedescription
real_namestring() name"real"The name of the part of the file system that contains the "real" files specified by from_dir or from_dirs. ("Real" as in "mirroring some real part of a real HDD")
attr_namestring() name"attribs"The name of the attributes part of the file system.
logic_namestring() name"logic"The name of the logic filtering part of the file system.
and_namestring() name"AND"The name that the "AND" filtering folders will have.
or_namestring() name"OR"The name that the "OR" filtering folders will have.
butnot_namestring() name"BUTNOT"The name that the "BUTNOT" filtering folders will have.
all_namestring() name"all"The name of the "files/all" folder, containing every external file used in the file system.
dup_namestring() name"duplicates"The name of the "files/duplicates" folder, containing a text file for each file name that has duplicate file names, describing which of the duplicate names belong to which file.
uni_namestring() name"unique"The name of the "files/unique" folder, containing a text file for each file that is not in "files/duplicates"

duplicate files

nametypedefault valuedescription
dup_extstring() extension".txt"The extension (include a "." if you want to have one") appended to each file in "files/duplicates".
dup_prefixstring() name"duplicate-"See below
dup_suffixstring() name""If attrfs tries to add more than one file with the same name to the file system (which it cannot have, as a consequence of copying and moving being the same operation on attribute directories), it prepends the name of newly added file with what is in dup_prefix and appends what is in dup_suffix.
WARNING Setting both dup_prefix and dup_suffix to "" is a good way to make the file system unpredictable and unstable, since some files will be considered both the same file and not.


nametypedefault valuedescription
linked_inboolean()falseWhether to start the fuserl server in linked in mode or not. Setting this on more recent erts versions is an effective way to generate crashes.
mount_optsstring()"allow_other,default_permissions"The mount options to give to fuse.