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 <li>Added support for % character in URL.</li>
 <li>Added the ability to supply full URLs using the <a href="../helpers/url_helper.html">anchor()</a> helper function.</li>
 <li>Added mode parameter to <a href="../helpers/file_helper.html">file_write()</a> helper.</li>
+<li>Added support for changing the port number in the <a href="../libraries/database/configuration.html">Postgre driver.</li>
 <li>Moved the list of "allowed URI characters" out of the Router class and into the config file.</li>
 <li>Moved the MIME type array out of the Upload class and into its own file in the applications/config/ folder.</li>
 <li>Updated the <a href="../libraries/config.html">Config Library</a> to be able to load config files silently, and to be able to assign config files to their own index (to avoid collisions if you use multiple config files).</li>