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 <li>Removed a strtolower() call that was changing URL segments to lower case.</li>
 <li>Removed some references that were interfering with PHP 4.4.1 compatibility.</li>
 <li>Removed backticks from Postgre class since these are not needed.</li>
+<li>Renamed <dfn>display()</dfn> to <dfn>_display()</dfn> in the Output class to make it clear that it's a private function.</li>
 <li>Deprecated the hash() function due to a naming conflict with a native PHP function with the same name.  Please use <kbd>dohash()</kbd> instead.</li>
 <li>Fixed an bug that was preventing the input class from unsetting GET variables.</li>
 <li>Fixed a router bug that was making it too greedy when matching end segments.</li>