Instructions for running Marcus McCurdy's cs536 homework 3:

 * Programming Language used: Java
 * OS: Tested on Mac OS X 10.6 and on the Drexel tux machines
 * File containing main:

- Features
I used apaches CLI for parsing the command line options and my program accepts all of them in any order. I also used JUnit for testing. I used Apache ant for my build script.

- Compiling

To compile to a jar file simply type ant. This will create a file cs536_hw3.jar in the base directory of my project. To run the program type java -jar cs536_hw3.jar with any of the command line arguments you wish. If you just want to
compile the source files use the ant target "ant compile" which will compile the source files and place them in the build directory. Run "ant clean" to remove the compiled class files.

- Default arguments
For the default file my program looks for