Cubiquity For Unity3D


This system is not currently under active development, but a replacement system ('Cubiquity 2') is currently in the research phase. For more details please see this blog post:


Cubiquity for Unity3D is an integration layer between our Cubiquity voxel engine and Unity. It allows the creation of volumetric (voxel-based) environments which can be dynamically modified in both the Unity editor and also in-game, enabling dynamic digging, building, and destruction. It uses the power of native code for optimal performance and memory usage, yet still works with both the Free and Pro versions of Unity.

Our tank demo shows how a voxel environment can be destroyed in real-time (download)

Key Features

  • Open source software released under the MIT license.
  • Supports two kinds of voxel environment – cubic and smooth
    • Build your world from millions of tiny colored cubes to create detailed 3D worlds.
    • Create realistic terrains with powerful sculpting tools.
  • Advanced Graphical capabilities
    • Flexible material system supports arbitrary blending between multiple materials.
    • Level-of-detail meshes ensure fast operation across a range of hardware.
    • Supports Unity's Surface Shader system to allow easy customization of appearance.
    • Works with real-time shadows and other dynamic lighting solutions.
  • Physics
    • Mesh data can be passed into Unity's physics engine for unified collision detection and handling.
    • Collision detection can also be performed directly against the voxel data.
    • Custom raycast functionality for picking voxels.
  • Create worlds easily
    • Import voxel terrains from external sources such as heightmaps.
    • Direct access to the voxel data allows you to procedurally generate worlds from code.
    • Editing tools available both in-editor and in-game (coming soon).
  • Solid engineering
    • Cubiquity is powered by the PolyVox voxel library, which has been in development for over seven years and is used by several games.
    • Package includes all C# scripts allowing you to customize it to your needs.
    • Integrates seamlessly with many other packages from the asset store.

More details

For many years we have been actively developing the PolyVox voxel terrain library which has been used by several games and engines. PolyVox is an extremely powerful and flexible library, but requires an advanced knowledge of C++ and graphics programming to use effectively. Therefore we have recently introduced Cubiquity as a higher-level and easier to use interface to this functionality.

Cubiquity is independent of any particular game engine, but this Git repository provides the integration layer which connects Cubiquity to the Unity3D engine. It is this combination of the Cubiquity library and the integration layer which we are making available for download from our website and also through the Unity3D asset store.