David Williams committed 28f81a8

Replaced call to getVoxelAt with getVoxel.

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 				for(int32_t sx = m_regSrc.getLowerX(), dx = m_regDst.getLowerX(); dx <= m_regDst.getUpperX(); sx++,dx++)
-					const typename SrcVolumeType::VoxelType& tSrcVoxel = m_pVolSrc->getVoxelAt(sx,sy,sz);
+					const typename SrcVolumeType::VoxelType& tSrcVoxel = m_pVolSrc->getVoxel<WrapModes::DontCheck>(sx,sy,sz);
 					const typename DstVolumeType::VoxelType& tDstVoxel = static_cast<typename DstVolumeType::VoxelType>(tSrcVoxel);
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