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Issue #12 resolved
David Williams created an issue

I realise we've mostly done this, but it's worth having an issue so we can keep track of the progress and so we have somewhere to discuss it.

There are a couple more things that I can think need to be done, and maybe you have some more ideas:

  • (Done) Update website (and maybe docs?) with links to BitBucket rather Gitorius.
  • Shutdown Gitorius repository.
  • (Done) Update README.rst with information about PolyVox as this shows up on the main page.

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  1. David Williams reporter

    Ok, I've updated the website download page. I used the HTTPS link rather than the SSH one... I think this is correct.

    I also updated readme.rst with a little information and a link to the licence and the main About PolyVox page. These links are untested. Matt, if you have an easy way to build this file and just check it works then you can do so. You can also make any other changes you like of course...

    I'll also let you handle the shutdown of Gitorious whenever you feel it is appropriate.

    Assigning this to Matt as otherwise I think he won't get notifications?

  2. Matt Williams

    I've updated a link or two that you missed.

    About the change to README.rst, it looks fine to me but I notice that I didn't get an email notification that you'd pushed a commit. Are you getting any email notifications (and want them)? If you're not getting any then I can enable the email service so that we'll both be emailed for all commits (like we are for issues already).

  3. David Williams reporter

    I haven't been getting commit notifications. I would quite like them for the develop branch so I see what is getting pushed there, but I don't think I need to see them for your feature branches. It's completely up to you what experiments you do there. I guess the same applies to you... is it possible to get notifications for just one branch?

  4. Matt Williams

    Ok. We should both now be getting email notifications for commits as I've added them here. We will get them for all branches and there's no way to change that at BitBucket's end. The Subject line should contain the branch so it should be possible to filter it in your email client though.

    For issue emails, according to this it should be possible to get emails for all issue events. I've added both our emails there so hopefully it should work. As a test, you should get an email notifying you of this comment here.

  5. David Williams reporter

    (Reply via

    Good work, it seems to be working. I got the email notification.

  6. Matt Williams

    It seems I had forgotten to update the CDash checkout to BitBucket so it's been still using Gitorious for the last two weeks. I've just updated it to use BitBucket and hopefully it will build tonight.

  7. David Williams reporter

    Ah, I recently mentioned some expected warnings and this explains why they never came :-)

  8. Matt Williams

    I've now added warnings to the page on Gitorious. Perhaps I should also rename the repository so people will notice if they do a git pull?

    I think we shouldn't wipe it entirely since there might be some links pointing to it still and it's best if there's something there to tell them where to look.

  9. David Williams reporter

    It's up to you what's best, but adding #error directives to typedef.h might also be an option? It could just print an error telling people it's an old repository.

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