Support use of wrap or addressing modes when reading outside volume data.

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Issue #13 resolved
David Williams created an issue

Work on gameplay integration has shown more flexibility is needed here. Currently PolyVox lets you specify a border value to be returned when you try to read a voxel positin which is outside the volume, but this isn't flexible enough. Sometimes you want to clamp to the nearest edge value rather than using the border, and sometimes you want to do this using a sampler.

This issue is to improve the behaviour of the volumes and samplers in this regard.

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  1. David Williams reporter

    I've merged in some inital work here. The wrapping modes now work as expected for the RawVolume and the functionality has been exposed to the Marching CubesSurfaceExtractor. I still need to get it working properly for the other volumes and also expose it to more algorithms.

  2. David Williams reporter

    This is now working for all volume types and exposed to all surface extractors. There are some other places it will be used in the future (VolumeResampler, etc) but I'll change them as I come across them. I think this issue can be closed now.

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