Zero-length normals occuring during MarchingCubesSurfaceExtraction.

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Issue #36 resolved
David Williams created an issue

It seems that the MC surface extractor sometimes generates zero-length (or at least very short) normals. This causes an assert during normalisation. This has been observed when editing the terrain in Cubiquity and also by users. See here:

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  1. Jan Drabner

    What I did as a workaround was to insert those lines after the length is received in the normalise function:

    if (fLength == 0.0f)
         fLength = 1.0f;

    Not exactly perfect, but at least it doesn't crash any more and I did not see many more artifacts as usually.

  2. David Williams reporter

    Ok, I'm glad you've got a workaround. You might want to use

    if (fLength < 0.0001f)
         fLength = 1.0f;

    though as it may be more robust.

  3. David Williams reporter

    I've spent some time looking at this in the context of Cubiquity. I believe there are scenarios when the surface extractor can fail to generate normals. From the comments:

    // The gradient for a voxel can be zero (e.g. solid voxel surrounded by empty ones) and so
    // the interpolated normal can also be zero (e.g. a grid of alternating solid and empty voxels).

    However, I believe this should be extremely rare and yet it was happening frequently in Cubiquity. It turned out to be threading related as I was both reading and writing from the volume at the same time and thus corrupting the data.

    I will put in a warning when a zero length normal is found, and also some asserts to detect corrupted data. If you are encountering this issue then think whether it could be a threading problem.

  4. Jan Drabner

    Hey, I cannot look into this right now, but I know that when I encountered the bug, no multithreading was going on.

  5. David Williams reporter

    Ok, I'd also be curious whether you were using the LargeVolume or the Raw/SimpleVolume. The last release of PolyVox did have some LargeVolume bugs so maybe that is the cause? Let me know if you get a chance to test it again.

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