Double use of 'PolyVoxCore' in include path on Linux.

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Issue #46 closed
David Williams created an issue

The directory 'PolyVoxCore' is appearing twice in the PolyVox include path as described here:

Now, in the source distribution we have unusual paths by design (i.e. library/PolyVoxCore/include/PolyVoxCore/). This is done so that code can compile against the installed version in Windows (where we have a path like 'Program Files/PolyVoxCore/include') and on Linux (where we have a path like /usr/include/PolyVoxCore) as well as against the source distribution.

But I don't think this unusual file layout was supposed to spill into the installed version of the library? At least, it's worth checking this before the next release.

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  1. David Williams reporter

    On a related note there are some inconstancies in the way file are included within PolyVox. For example, in AStarPathfinder.h:

    #include "Impl/AStarPathfinderImpl.h"
    #include "Impl/TypeDef.h"
    #include "PolyVoxCore/Array.h"

    Note that the 'PolyVoxCore' prefix is not used in conjunction with 'Impl', even though 'Impl' is inside this folder. MarchingCubesTables.h does it differently:

    #include "PolyVoxCore/Impl/TypeDef.h"

    I think in general we should always use the 'PolyVoxCore' prefix in the code, and users should be required to do the same. I think this helps us fix the include path though I need to write down the different configurations in full to be sure.

  2. David Williams reporter

    This has been largely resolved during the move to being header-only. However, there are a few remaining inconsistencies to be fixed.

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