previousVoxel uninitialized when raycast starts in a block

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Issue #73 resolved
Thomas Luppi created an issue

Relevant code in Picking.inl

If a raycast is completed immediately (thus RaycastPickingFunctor::operator() is run only once) m_result.previousVoxel is return uninitialized, with no way to check if it has been initialized. A boolean similar to PickResult::didHit (PickResult::hasPrevHit?) would rectify this issue.

note: The version is actually the most recent commit, I wasn't sure how to clear the version field after I accidently clicked it though

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  1. David Williams

    Hi, thanks for the report. Unfortunately I am moving house at the moment, but I will try to take a look at it in a couple of weeks time. Hopefully you can work around it until then?

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