UCenter Home MultiLanguage v.2.0.
	Release 20100913.

	by Valery Votintsev, aka vot from

	Based on:
	UCenter Home v2.0 Release 20101102
	(C) 2007-2010 Comsenz Inc.

	International Support:


UCenter Home MultiLanguage is a modification of original UCenter Home v2.0
Release 20100416 (C) 2007-2010 Comsenz Inc.


The goal of this project is just to provide a SUPPORT for other languages
than Chinese.
We do not provide a brilliant translations!
All provided here language files are most auto-translated.

So, if you want to have a beautifull translation, make it yourself!
Or try to download ready for use language packs from the official
Comsenz international support at .


If you want to use other language with UCHome Multilanguage,
just follow the next instructions for create new language:

1) create a new subdirectory (i.e. "fr") under the "language" folder.
2) copy all the files from any existing language subfolder to your new
3) in your directory edit your language title by editing the file "lang_title.php".
4) replace old flag image "lang.gif" with your language image (16x16px).
5) translate all the *.php and *.js files to your language.
That's all.


UCenter Home is a Social Networking Software (SNS) built with PHP + MYSQL.

With UCenter Home you can easily build a community network for your friends.

UCHome main features:

- Micro-blogs (twits)
- Blogs
- Image Albums
- Shares
- Events
- Friends
- User Groups (Communities by interests)
- Invites
- Users and content Ratings
- Topics of interests
- Last Activity Feeds
- Internal Money and Internal Payment system
- Powerfull Permission management
- and many more...

UCHome Multilanguage additional features:
- Language variables in template files
- Many interface languages at the same time
- User selectable interface language
- Easy to add a new language

UCenter Home New Installation

If you have not previously installed the UCenter Home,
please follow the next steps for fresh installation:

1) Make sure your site is already installed the UCenter program.

   The UCenter is used by UCenter Home for store and manage users database.
   If you have not installed the UCenter before, please download and install it.
   Download the latest UCenter version:

2) Start the installation of UCenter Home.

   2.1. Upload all the files from /upload directory to your server
        using any ftp tool.

   2.2. Go to the root directory of your server and rename/copy the file to config.php.

3) Log in to your UCenter admin-panel as an administrator,
   and add a new application to the UCenter:

	"Application Management" -> "Add new application"

	Select Installation: URL installation

	Application installation address:


4) Click on "install", and follow the wizard to set the necessary information
   for UCenter Home installation.

   Pay attention for installation wizard prompt!
   Check that each directory is set correctly and have read and write attributes.

5) Another way to install the UCenter Home:

   Target your browser to the "install" directory of your site,
   i.e. http://your-site-domain/install/

   Select your preferred language for install:
     Chinese or English or Russian

   Follow the install wizard instructions.

6) After installation, be sure to delete the UCHome install directory
   for security reasons!

UCenter Home More Settings Help

For more help and usefull documents,
please visit the UCenter Home official online help center:

Enjoy with UCHome!

(C) UCenter Home 2001-2009 Comsenz Inc