Upon loading game, volume percentage is user-set percentage plus 0.0001% (Windows 10)

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Issue #186 new
Edward Hart-Davis created an issue

When I load up my game, the volume percentage in the 'Options' menu is the percentage I last left it at, plus 0.0001%.

This is on version 9.10.9828.53776 according to the game, and is supposedly the latest version available on Steam.

Demonstration of the bug

Here, you can see I have just loaded up the game. I have not done anything more so far in this session.


I then go to the 'Options' menu, and observe that my volume level is at '30.0001%'.


I proceed to up the volume level by 5% using the '+' button, setting it to 35%.


I close and reload the game, and the value is 0.0001% over what I set it at, leaving me at 35.0001%.


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  1. Riot

    Yep that's boost's ini loader parsing a string to get a float, I suppose we could normalise the value after loading.

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