Can only hear loud and rapid clicking noises

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dl69 created an issue

When the game starts, I can only hear loud and rapid clicking noises. I'm using set of Logitech USB headphones and I'm running Linux Mint

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  1. Riot

    One of three things might be going wrong - either the alsa driver isn't playing nice, or the wrong output device is being selected, or there's a conflict with a different sound driver.

    First: do you have alsa installed and configured correctly? Do other alsa apps work with the same setup?

    Second: does it work without the usb setup, using your onboard sound system (if you have one)?

    Third: do you have pulseaudio on the system? If you do, you'll need to execute the program with pasuspender, see the discussion at

    Can you also please execute the program in console and paste the dump of the output from the beginning, especially the part where it selects the audio device and reports any audio issues at startup?

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