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Issue #74 resolved
SnappyMuppetman created an issue

Background: I started a new game up and one of the first objectives/tutorials involved advertising in a building with more than 100 inhabitants.

Issue: I sampled approximately 30 buildings ranging from heart of the city to little buildings on the outskirts and every one I looked into had Zero (0) inhabitants. Unfortunately I was not able to procure some evidence on this due to the light of another issue where ALT + Tab to switch windows crashed the game.

Affect on the game: Unable to progress on the objectives

Replicating the issue: I have yet to replicate the issue but I will try and test further to find a cause or to help narrow down the search to why it did this

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  1. Riot

    At which point in the game did this happen, just suddenly during play or after a particular event or purchase or something else?

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