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Issue #126 resolved
Dale Scheetz created an issue

Running sphereFACE in Windows 8.1, going to the Options menu and trying to change any option crashes the program. Selecting Inventory from the menu also causes the program to crash. This is in version 6.5.6005.33140. I have also seen this behavior in the previous released version.

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  1. Riot

    Selecting inventory is known - it's not implemented and I forgot to remove the option for this build. However the rest I cannot reproduce.

    If anyone else is reading this and has the same issue (NOT the inventory option), please post your OS info here

  2. Dominic Gagliardo

    sphereFACE Beta 6.5.6005.33140: crashes when i try to change fov, or inv, most seem not to work,

    Win10 Pro (fully Patched), Evga 960,

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