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Samael Volkihar created an issue

Create temporary upgrades and investigate their effect on gameplay.

Upgrade suggestions:

Weapon Systems Overdrive: "[weapon] RoF +50% for 10s" "Auto-Turret collected" (target enemies only, unlimited by time / ammo but can be destroyed) "Gravity Well event horizon increased 25%"

Defensive Measures: "Auto-Flak enabled: 3 Charges remain" (acts as an auto-turret shotgun but also targets asteroids) "Signal Cloak online" (enemy homing weapons baffled) "Scrambler activated" (enemies target one another) "Nemean Shield online" (100% Shielding, allows player to ram enemies) "Claymore Defense System Charging: 5, 4... etc." (attract and absorb all energy projectiles within X radius for Y seconds, then expel as a huge burst)

More: "Temporal Anomaly Engaged" (all enemies, projectiles and asteroids slowed by 50%, recently launched player projectiles also accelerating to double the regular speed as the player's time-distorting effect ends)

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