Thinkpad media buttons and Trackpoint middleclick input causing problems

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Edward Hart-Davis created an issue

When trying out sphereFACE on my Thinkpad X220, I found that when pressing any of the media keys (sound output mute, sound output volume up, sound output volume down, sound input mute), the view pans slightly, in a direction that appears to differ between runs.

Also, upon repeated pressing of the TrackPoint middle button, I'm no longer able to pan around at all, save for the camera following the movement of the ship. This can sometimes be fixed by pressing the button once more, or by going into the menu and back out.

You can see videos that I've captured on the ThinkPad while playing the game, one of which with a webcam showing the pressing of the middle button. I've also provided associated logs of the game, which are unfortunately not from the same runs as shown in the videos, but created at a later time instead.

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  1. Riot

    I can confirm that the first bug, with the media keys, definitely does not occur. I have just tested it on an identical Thinkpad X220 running Debian linux under Gnome 3.

    It sounds like your media key inputs are configured to somehow send arrow key inputs as well; this may be a KDE issue or some other configuration fault, but it's nothing within sphereFACE.

    The separate bug you are reporting about middle mouse disabling panning is not a bug; the middle mouse button does exactly what you describe, it switches between having the view locked to the ship and having it rotate freely. It is identical in function to the z key in that regard.

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