When the player has won, allow them to keep playing

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Riot created an issue

After taking them to enter their high score, return them to the earth sphere and

  • Disable further score accumulation
  • Spawn a bunch of powerups
  • Spawn one or two random weapons they don't have, if there are any
  • Spawn new armour if they need it
  • Unlock all tunnels and disable them locking once you pass through them

Basically let them sandbox their way around the play area.

Comments (8)

  1. Edward Hart-Davis

    Spawn enemies that you can encounter in the tunnels which can damage the player's ship if your RNG luck is bad, but make them unable to destroy the player's ship.

  2. Riot reporter

    There is no concept of "damage" in sphereFACE; something is either destroyed or it isn't.

    Punishing the player for actions they have no choice but to take with random rolls is a pretty crappy game design pattern, too.

  3. Edward Hart-Davis

    I mean reduce the shields by one or two pieces if they're there, and otherwise do nothing.

    Also, I guess this would be a 'hardmode/endgame' thing. I guess you're right it's not wise to do it for most users though.

  4. Riot reporter

    I'm all in favour for increasing difficulty, but that's done by setting hard challenges for players, not by randomly punching them with an invisible fist they can do nothing to avoid.

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