Slight audio popping, especially noticeable when spamming play test sound button

Issue #294 invalid
Edward Hart-Davis created an issue

Windows 10, build 1511, happens with volume percentage of 79% or above as configured ingame.
See (hopefully) attached file.

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  1. Riot

    Unable to reproduce on test systems; this seems like an audio driver issue at your end. Especially likely if there is some volume boost setting enabled somewhere.

  2. Edward Hart-Davis reporter

    Having played with this some more on my Windows machine, I've realized that it's only when there is music playing ingame that it happens - it's almost as though it happens when certain frequencies collide?

  3. Daniel Solie

    Hello, I am experiencing this problem as well.

    Version 14.0.14312.78909 - Playing the sound test, this also will happen every now and then while playing normally and from the music as well. Since it is the same I did not feel the need to include it because the static is the same. - Going in and out of the Esc menu and going into options produce different static sounds. (you will hear my keyboard while changing the master sound to show that the sound scales with the volume)

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