Wacom keeps turning the camera left

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Henrik Danielsson created an issue

Having a Wacom tablet (Intuos 3) plugged in when launching the game on Arch Linux makes the camera rotate left constantly.

Using the pen on the tablet moves the camera correctly, but it still wants to turn left when just holding it still or removing the pen completely. Only way I've found around it is to unplug the tablet.

No issues on Windows with the same Wacom tablet.

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  1. Riot

    It sounds like some axis or function is bound to turn left by default. Have you tried unbinding all controller axis bindings in the controller menu?

  2. Henrik Danielsson reporter

    The wacom gets the Xbox controller by default. Disabling it makes no difference, it keeps turning left. I added a custom mapping for the tablet, Turn camera left is unbound by default. Clicking the primary fire to bind it makes the camera stop. I can't bind the action of moving the pen across the tablet surface as it counts as moving the mouse, but I can bind the two touch strips as axis 2/3, or any of the buttons. The camera usually stays stationary once Turn camera left has been bound, except for a few instances where I bound it to one or more of the strips and it began moving again. Thankfully at a lower speed than before as trying to work with spinning menus is making me carsick... :/

    A few times I tried unbinding an axis the game segfaulted. Got no interesting output when it happened other than the segfault message itself.

    I've attached the output and .cfg from doing nothing but starting the game and rebinding Turn camera left. The camera stopped, but Turn camera left will be unbound the next time I start the game and the camera will be spinning again.

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