Allow for reloading of the game to the config file without restarting the game

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Issue #334 wontfix
Edward Hart-Davis created an issue

It would make certain things including this probably unreasonable proposal easier to tinker with:

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  1. Riot

    There would be no valid reason to implement this, and it is a complete anti-pattern of design. The whole point of having a configuration menu is to expose everything there is to configure to the player.

    Hiding parts of it in a config file and then providing a menu option to reload that file just hoists your menu functionality out and into your user's text editor.

  2. Edward Hart-Davis reporter

    Then I ask, why did you add certain options that were only accessible in the configuration file?

    I appreciate that they are slightly ludicrous options, but you still found them worthy of being added to the game in some form...

  3. Riot

    Which options aren't exposed? There are probably one or two that are there for testing or advanced customisation / not intended to be useful or modified by the user, such as line thickness, and reloading the config wouldn't help with those because they take effect at startup anyway.

    I think anything that's meaningfully modifiable by the user and actually useful should be exposed in the menu. And anything that's so deeply arcane or a bad idea to change that it really can't be shown in the menu, can probably tolerate a game restart to refresh it, without cluttering up the menu with an option that normal players will never use either.

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