Add follow cam mode where you can influence the view slightly

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Issue #350 new
Edward Hart-Davis created an issue

So that the user can move their view using their mouse (or whatever) a certain amount, to encounter greater resistance the further they deviate from where they would be if no efforts were made (where the follow cam would otherwise normally have them).

For autism points make: Configurable 'maximum limit' to deviation Configurable point at which resistance starts seriously kicking in * Configurable deadzone radius for how far one would need to try to move the camera for it to register

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  1. Riot

    But why? If you're going to use a control to look around, you may as well look around with complete freedom, no? Do you think it would be useful to just have a free look that's partially sprung to the ship?

  2. Edward Hart-Davis reporter

    I guess that's what I'm meaning more, but with the option of heavily springing it to the ship if you want it. For an implementation of it I like, my mind goes to Grand Theft Auto V, for when you're driving (especially in first person) with a controller you can thumbstick around, but it will be more effort to deviate further from looking forwards, to quickly spring back. As sphereFACE is a fast-paced game if you want to play it that way, I think that being rather tightly sprung would be best. Oor, perhaps even you could have springing ease or limit derived by the ship's speed in relation to the sphere...

  3. Riot

    how would something like that work on mouselook though, just require the user to heavily windmill their mouse away from the ship to look in any direction? Or would it apply to analogue controllers only?

  4. Edward Hart-Davis reporter

    I've used the sort of thing before with the mouse and it's been pretty okay, but it probably helps rather a lot that I'm a decently high sensitivity user. But that's where I think the configurable deadzone and impact of movement curve would be handy.

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