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Hi, I'm one of your beta tester backers from kickstarter. I just received the email about the first beta release. I downloaded it, set the file permissions to execute, but when I try to run the program, bash tells me it can't execute the binary. Any ideas?

Dale Scheetz

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  1. Norgg

    Hi Dale,

    What version of Linux are you running on? The current Linux binary is 64 bit, my first guess would be that you're maybe running a 32 bit distribution, although that's fairly rare these days. Otherwise, could you check the output of "ldd sphereFACE" and check there's no libraries missing there?

    If you are running a 32bit version of Linux I think we'll have a build out for that soon.

  2. Norgg

    Kind of hate to suggest it, but in the mean time if you've got wine the Windows version has worked smoothly for people under it.

  3. Dale Scheetz

    Just saw the latest posting about Linux being a 64 bit built. Of course I'm running a 32 bit ubuntu ;-) I should have a 64 but machine soon. How do I get to the latest beta? There is no link in the announcement...

  4. Riot

    Hi Dale, you should have a private message on Kickstarter from us (VoxelStorm) with the link to the latest key. Apologies about the inconvenience with 32bit, but best of luck with your 64bit build :)

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