Weird behavior when assigning controller buttons without a controller

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Issue #383 new
Rei created an issue

Clicking on a button to configure a control sets its label to "press new button or move new axis" and does nothing.

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  1. Riot

    How is that weird behaviour? That's perfectly expected behaviour, it's waiting for you to press a controller button or move an axis. Until you do, it's in configure mode for that control.

    I guess we could do with adding functionality to cancel that...

  2. Rei reporter

    The other buttons should reset when you assign another control so it's clear which is being assigned. If instead assigning multiple controls at once (which would be weird) is possible it should be possible to deselect the control. I know the code resets the button state after assigning, but if there's no controller the buttons are never reset, and are left in that state.

  3. Riot

    Okay, yep, I see. The other buttons should be made unselectable when the controller configuration is in progress I suppose.

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