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Issue #48 resolved
Dale Scheetz created an issue

Just downloaded beta 4.4.3763.20855 onto my new 64 bit Linux Mint (Maya) system. Here is the error I receive when I try to execute it:

./sphereFACE: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Truly the library is not available in /lib, and I can't find the package that supplies it.

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  1. Dale Scheetz reporter

    Hi John,

    I'm afraid not.

    DwarfStar dwarf # apt-get install libudev1 Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Done Package libudev1 is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source

    E: Package 'libudev1' has no installation candidate

    So, can you point me to a repository that contains this package?

    I'm assuming that the sphereFACE executable will eventually be delivered in a .deb packages with all the dependencies explicit?

  2. Norgg

    Oh, it looks like libudev1 is only available in Mint 15(Olivia) or newer, didn't spot that Maya is an older long term support version.

    You could potentially install it from the .deb at (although this itself may still be missing packages).

    We try to statically link as much as we can into the binary to avoid this kind of problem with dependencies, packaging as a .deb wouldn't really help here since you'd still be left without access to that library and I believe it's installed by default in more recent versions as part of systemd. I'd have to check with SlowRiot but I think libudev1 is difficult to statically link for some reason.

  3. Riot

    We do require at least a moderately up to date system. In the broad sense, considering that Linux is a free operating system, and since updating to the most recent version is not only free of charge but the bare minimum required to keep your system secure, we don't generally think it's unreasonable to require our users to use fairly modern versions of the libraries involved. Libudev1 has been the current standard for udev for the last two years, and any distribution I'm aware of (however slow to update) has included it in its repertoire at some point in that time. Might i ask what debian-derivative distribution you're running that doesn't use a basic component that's been included since 2013? Is it perhaps Kali or another unsupported port of BackTrack?

    A quick way to find out on debian-based systems:

     apt-get update
     apt-cache show libudev1

    Please post your responses and we'll try to work out what you're missing.

  4. Riot

    Apologies, just noticed you mentioned "Mint" in the original post. As far as I'm aware, all Debian and hence Ubuntu derivatives that are mainstream have had udev1 in their mainline stable releases for a few years now... Please check whether it's available from your updates.

  5. Dale Scheetz reporter

    Currently downloading Mint 17.2 expect to find what I need there. Will let you know.

    Highly suggest as much shared libraries as possible, and a debian package with full dependencies and probably something in the notes about oldest versions... As a retired Debian developer I could certainly help with that.



  6. Dale Scheetz reporter

    IT WORKS! Linux Mint 17.2 provides the correct library! Should I report game play issues here? Can't seem to get out of the game, except to crash it with multiple escape key presses. Is there a comprehensive control key list somewhere? Game play seems slow...

  7. Riot

    Dale: Please create new issues for any other problems you encounter.

    Controls at present, in full, are:

    • WASD / arrow keys: move the ship (and aim guided rockets)
    • space / ctrl / left mouse button: fire (some weapons need the button held down to charge)
    • 1-9: change weapon
    • right mouse button: cycle to next weapon
    • backspace: self-destruct
    • pause, escape once: pause the game
    • escape a second time: exit the game
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