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Issue #49 duplicate
Daniel Solie created an issue

Just about every time I go through a tunnel there is a static pop with the music.

Enemies can also pass through asteroids without dying.

With the upgrades if you pass a sphere but there is a upgrade flying around they themselves can travel through the tunnels. When this happened to me it floated around in a different sphere for a bit and it came back through to the sphere where I was at, then went into a tunnel that went further away and despawnd. Don't know if the despawn was from a timer or from distance.

I do suggest with the upgrade bug to maybe not have the tunnels open unless there are no enemies, asteroids or upgrades floating around.

P.S. Great game so far! :D

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  1. Norgg

    Hi Daniel, thanks for all the feedback!

    In future could you try and keep to one bug/feature per issue? I'm going to close this one and re-open it as a couple others.

    The static pop going through a tunnel is down as bug #22 already, I think SlowRiot knows more about that one than me.

    At the moment the enemies are too dumb to avoid the asteroids so they're allowed to just pass through them. We're working on better AI for them and may allow them to crash into asteroids eventually once they're actually trying to avoid them.

    The powerups going through tunnels was at one point intended behaviour because all tunnels were always open and it was encouraging you to chase through after them. I agree that with the tunnels now only opening on completion it doesn't make quite so much sense any more, I think we'll probably just stop them going through but will have a chat with SlowRiot about it.

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