Issue #67 invalid
Daniel Solie created an issue

I saw when you are in the starting sphere the "fog" is not lined up with the upper part.

And my print screen function just un-paused the game so thats the reason for photo.

P.S. sorry photo is upside down, my computer is being stupid about it.

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  1. Norgg

    Hi Daniel, by "fog" do you mean the small vertical white lines? They're intended to be stars, which you start in and travel down from.

    SlowRiot, reckon the need moved up a bit more?

  2. Daniel Solie reporter

    Well it's a little funny looking when you can see a flat layer of stars, you also can see a few in the sphere which is cool.

  3. Riot

    Not a bug. Those are an abstract sort of thing we're referring to as "stars" that make sense in the sphere world. They are intentionally odd extended vertical lines.

    Stars appearing inside the sphere is indeed a bug, but a different bug, that'll be resolved with #69.

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