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Each issue can be set to a priority, please mark them appropriately following these guidelines:

  • blocker: this bug is so serious that it prevents work on all other issues until it is fixed.
  • critical: this causes the game to be completely unplayable on a certain platform - constant crashes or failure to launch.
  • major: negatively affects the player experience for all or most players.
  • minor: affects some player experience some of the time, but not all the time or not for all players or platforms.
  • trivial: if this was never fixed, most people would never even notice

Please use "enhancement" when requesting improvements to existing features, and "proposal" when suggesting features that don't yet exist.

When reporting crashes or system-specific issues, please remember to include all relevant info about your operating system and anything unusual about your hardware or software setup that might help us to reproduce the problem. If it's a bug that happens occasionally or unpredictably, please describe an exact set of steps that can be followed to reproduce the bug - this will save us a lot of time and guesswork.

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