Java EE 7 Samples

This workspace consists of Java EE 7 Samples. They are categorized in different directories, one for each JSR.

I don't plan to write any formal documentation, read the code. The Java EE 7 Essentials book refer to some of these samples and provide an explanation. However if you are interested in adding javadocs, send a pull request.

How to run ?

How I run them ?

  1. Open the sample in NetBeans 7.4 nightly
  2. Click on "Run" (sample is built and deployed on GlassFish 4, main page shows up)
  3. Main page provides feature name, how to run the sample, and displays the output


By default, all samples are deployed on GlassFish 4. They can be deployed on Widlfly 8 by adding -P wildfly to all maven commands. Make sure to edit glassfish.home or wildfly.home property value in the top-level pom.xml to point to your local GlassFish or Wildfly directory respectively. Only one profile can be active at a given time otherwise there will be port conflicts.

  1. In one terminal, anywhere in the project with a pom.xml: mvn cargo:run to start GlassFish server or mvn -P wildfly to start Wildfly server.
  2. In another terminal, in the actual sample directory
    1. mvn package cargo:deploy to deploy for the first time
    2. mvn package cargo:redeploy to redeploy subsequently
    3. mvn cargo:undeploy to undeploy
  3. Check for application name printed by Cargo output. Access the application at http://localhost:8080/<APP-NAME>;
  4. Same as 3 in the first one


  1. mvn clean package
  2. Deploy on GlassFish using asadmin deploy target/XXX.war or deploy on Wildfly using TBD
  3. Access http://localhost:8080/XXX/ (main page shows up)
  4. Same as 3 in the first one

List of Samples

The following script will generate the complete list of samples.

find . -name pom.xml -depth 3 -maxdepth 3 | sed 's|\./||g' | sed 's|\/pom.xml||g'

There are 161 samples as of 9/16.