iPad application to show European Southern Observatory Top 100 images.

Copyright 2011 Víctor R. Ruiz <>. All rights reserved.
See complete license in LICENSE.TXT

The application is similar to Apple's Photo for iPad. Show a list of
images and allows the user to scroll through them, read their data and
play them along music in the slide mode. In this case, the images are
downloaded from the ESO site (ESO Top 100 images).

Image data storage and update
By default, the application comes with a number of images. Their data
is stored in ImageData.plist.

The Top 100 image list is accessed through a JSON call to ESO's server
to update the default bundled image list. In case there are new images
to be downloaded, they are stored in the Documents directory. The
application downloads ESO's Top 100 images and stores the files in the
Documents directory and the metadata in a new ImageData.plist.

Many classes access the ImageData.plist file to read and display the


- MainWindow. The main window is a navigation controller. The main is
a Navigation Controller with a PhotoViewController (a horizontal scroller
for the images).

- AppDelegate. Instantiated by MainWindow.xib. Loads ImageDataUpdate,
RootViewController and PhotoViewController.

- ImageDataUpdate. Calls to ESO's JSON server to download new images.

- RootViewController. Presents the images.

- TransparentToolbar.

- ImageScrollView.

- PhotoViewController.

- TilingView.

- PhotoinfoViewController.

- SlideshowViewController.

- AboutViewController.