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MSSQL cannot ignore nulls in unique constraints. Set database feature `ignores_nulls_in_unique_constraints = False`

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File docs/changelog.txt

 - Implemented DatabaseOperation ``cache_key_culling_sql``. :djangoticket:`18330`
 - Fixed ``cast_avg_to_float`` so that it only controls the cast for ``AVG`` and not mapping other aggregates.
 - Improved IP address detection of :setting:`HOST` setting. :issue:`21`
+- Set database feature ``ignores_nulls_in_unique_constraints = False`` because MSSQL cannot ignore NULLs in 
+  unique constraints.

File sqlserver_ado/

     supports_date_lookup_using_string = False
     supports_tablespaces = True
+    ignores_nulls_in_unique_constraints = False
 def is_ip_address(value):