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Added note about case sensitivity of db_column names when using `raw_callproc`

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 This is a ``django.db.models.ForeignKey`` that should be used to reference
 either a ``BigAutoField`` or a ``BigIntegerField``.
-.. note:
+.. note::
     If your (legacy) database using bigints for primary keys, then you'll 
     need to replace any introspected ``ForeignKey`` fields with 
     ``BigForeignKey`` for things to work as expected.
 - smalldatetime
 - smallmoney
 - tinyint
-- real
+- real

File docs/settings.txt

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 When a `USER`_ is defined, this field should be the plain text password 
 to use when authenticating.
-.. note: 
+.. note::
     Any user or service that can read the configuration file can 
     will be able to see the plain-text password. Trusted connections are 

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         sproc_params = [1, 2, 3]
         MyModel.objects.raw_callproc('uspGetMyModels', sproc_params)
+.. note::
+    The db_column name for the field must match the case of the database field as returned by
+    the stored procedure, or the value will not be populated and will get fetched by the ORM
+    when the field is later accessed.
 .. versionadded:: 1.2