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Refs #26 - Documented clustered index issue with Azure SQL

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 - Improved IP address detection of :setting:`HOST` setting. :issue:`21`
 - Set database feature ``ignores_nulls_in_unique_constraints = False`` because MSSQL cannot ignore NULLs in 
   unique constraints.
+- :issue:`26` Documented clustered index issue with Azure SQL. See :ref:`azure-clustered-indices`.

File docs/known-issues.txt

 and its use of % format strings. If you encounter this problem, you can either rename
 the database column so it does not include a '%' (percent) character, or change ``DEBUG = False`` 
 in your settings when you run `` inspectdb``.
+.. _azure-clustered-indices:
+Azure requires clustered indices
+	Windows Azure SQL Database does not support tables without clustered indexes. 
+	A table must have a clustered index. If a table is created without a clustered
+	constraint, a clustered index must be created before an insert operation is 
+	allowed on the table.
+The workaround is to dump the create SQL, add a clustered index, manually apply 
+the SQL to the database.