GoNetlink aims to provide native bindings (no external libraries) to NetLink for Go.

  It is a child project of GoGo (not released yet), but is growing to be usable in its own right at least as a reference project on "how to (start) talking to netlink with go".

  All API's are subject to change, and patches are absolutely welcome.  Currently the basic API attempts to mirror that of (RT)Netlink usage.

  RTManip is a sub-package that attempts to expose a limited subset of the functionality of Netlink without having to fight with the underlying structures.

  There's a very good chance there will be issues on non i386/amd64 archs, as they have not been tested and netlink doesn't always specify byte order.

  Currently working:
  - RTNetlink: route, link, and addr calls (marshal, unmarshal, get attributes)

  TODO (maybe):
  - NFQueue, SELinux, IPTables (when mainlined, or closer)
  - add tests
  - test on ARM (is ARM big-Endian?)
  - Higher level manipulation API
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