Robert Brewer committed 2776e90

Fixed #1091 (log.screen = False has no effect in Python 3.2 when no log files are specified)

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 from cherrypy._cpcompat import ntob, py3k
+class NullHandler(logging.Handler):
+    """A no-op logging handler to silence the logging.lastResort handler."""
+    def handle(self, record):
+        pass
+    def emit(self, record):
+        pass
+    def createLock(self):
+        self.lock = None
 class LogManager(object):
     """An object to assist both simple and advanced logging.
             self.access_log = logging.getLogger("%s.access.%s" % (logger_root, appid))
+        # Silence the no-handlers "warning" (stderr write!) in stdlib logging
+        self.error_log.addHandler(NullHandler())
+        self.access_log.addHandler(NullHandler())
         cherrypy.engine.subscribe('graceful', self.reopen_files)
     def reopen_files(self):
         """Close and reopen all file handlers."""
         for log in (self.error_log, self.access_log):
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