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Switch from interface to protocol for ILazyMap

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     (let [v (this 1)]
       (delay v))))
-  :name    de.kotka.lazymap.ILazyMap
-  :extends [clojure.lang.IPersistentMap]
-  :methods [[lazyAssoc [Object Object] de.kotka.lazymap.ILazyMap]])
-  'de.kotka.lazymap.ILazyMap)
+(defprotocol ILazyPersistentMap
+  "ILazyPersistentMap extends IPersistentMap with a method to allow
+  transportation of the underlying delay objects."
+  (delay-assoc [lazy-map key delay] "Associates the given delay in the map."))
 (deftype LazyMapEntry [k v]
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