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w01fe  committed 71073db

Fix bug where .entryAt returns entry when none present, and add error-checking to quote-values.

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File src/main/clojure/lazymap/core.clj

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   (without     [this k] (create-lazy-map (dissoc base k) metadata))
   ; Associative
   (containsKey [this k] (contains? base k))
-  (entryAt     [this k] (LazyMapEntry. k (base k)))
+  (entryAt     [this k] (when-let [v (base k)] (LazyMapEntry. k v)))
   ; IPersistentCollection
   (count       [this]   (count base))
 (defn- quote-values
+  (assert (even? (count kvs)))
   (mapcat (fn [[k v]] [k `(delay ~v)]) (partition 2 kvs)))
 (defn lazy-assoc*