Yury Yurevich committed 5b2b961

Add reference to protocol in factory and add mutlicast msg.

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     def signedOn(self):
         log.msg("Signed on")
+        self.factory.client = self
         for channel in self.factory.channels:
             log.msg("Joining %s" % (channel,))
         log.msg("Joined %s" % (channel,))
         self.msg(channel, "Hello, %s" % (channel,))
+    def multicast_msg(self, message):
+        for channel in self.factory.channels:
+            self.msg(channel, message)
     def command_ping(self, rest):
         return 'Pong.'
 class IRCHelloBotFactory(protocol.ReconnectingClientFactory):
     protocol = IRCHelloBot
-    channels = ['#testing']
+    channels = ['#testing', '#complete']
 def main():
     import sys