Welcome to the NetBeans Tick Tock Timer Project

This project was created because I needed a timer while developing. There were other programs such as KTimer I tried out, but all I really needed was a simple stop watch. I will probably wind up making one for KDE, but until then, this was very easy to throw together, and since I generally have my IDE up anyways, it works out.

I plan to later add another window which allows one to manage named timers. For now, the simple timer does what I need. I can see the need to time various things concurrently as well as manage them. After that I may even add the ability for one to create command lines and use system properties as well as possible other values as command line parameters by referencing them by name. I may even add options for sounds when a count down timer completes.

If you want to try it out, head over to the NetBeans Plugin Portal and grab a copy or open up your IDE and visit the plugin manager from the menus using Tools|Plugins.


Screen Shot:

Screen Shot