Apache 2.4 Build for Windows

What is this repository for?

This project provides a powershell based tool to build Apache 2.4 on Windows.

If you ever tried to build apache on Windows, you may also find out that this is not so easy. For example you have to download various tools and sources. With the powershell scripts of this project you can automate the necessary tasks. The scripts performs the following tasks for you:

  • download of required build tools
  • download of latest Apache and library sources
  • apply of necessary patches
  • cmake based build of Apache

To use the scripts you only need a Windows x64 System and Visual Studio (the scripts are currently preconfigured for Visual Studio 2013).

Just looking for a Apache Windows download?

If you are just looking for a Apache download for Windows you should consider a well-known site like this:

Otherwise you can choose to trust us and use the builds that we publish in the download section. We are trying to update it as fast as possible in future (especially for openssl).

How do build Apache?

  1. Download the repository content
  2. Extract the repository file to a folder
  3. Start the script Start-ApacheBuild.ps1

Limitations: currently the libraries lua and libxml are not build, so modules for lua and XML will be missing. README files and documentation is currently not copied to the output directory.

In the download section of this repository you can find a build version of apache created with this build tool.


  • Visual Studio: If your Visual Studio is not VS 2013 or installed on another volume than C:\ edit the path in setenv.cmd

  • patches To apply custom patches (why else would you build your own Apache?) you can place them in folder "patches". Then add a line to the file Apply-Patches.ps1 like this

Apply-Patch "httpd\bug_45922_ap24.patch"

Instead of the patch files you could also directly update the files in the src Folder, of course.

  • output path: The default output path is c:\Apache24. You can customize this by the Option InstallPrefix of the Start-ApacheBuild script.

  • cleanup build: by default the script will ask you to confirm that it deletes the build path. This is done to handle changes to the output path correctly. If you decline this you can beform a rebuild based on your latest changes.

  • update sources: If you set the UpdateSource option of Start-ApacheBuild.ps1 script you can force that the src folder is deleted and all files are loaded from source servers. Useful for build Servers that should integrate the latest apache version.

trap_ssl_errors branch

There is a branch to build a Apache that supports handling of ssl errors (see mod_ssl_error project ). You can also find a download of Apache with this patch in the download section.