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Allow to add a postfix for each build

The POSTFIX make option is useful for distributions to compile different
versions of the plugin in parallel. The object files will be stored in a
directory with the postfix appended and the linker result will also have this
postfix appended.

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File projects/unix/Makefile

 SRCDIR = ../../src
-OBJDIR = _obj
 # list of source files to compile
 $(shell $(MKDIR) $(OBJDIRS))
 # build targets
-TARGET = mupen64plus-video-glide64.$(SO_EXTENSION)
+TARGET = mupen64plus-video-glide64$(POSTFIX).$(SO_EXTENSION)
 	@echo "Mupen64plus-video-glide64 N64 Graphics plugin makefile. "
 	@echo "    APIDIR=path   == path to find Mupen64Plus Core headers"
 	@echo "    OPTFLAGS=flag == compiler optimization (default: -O3)"
 	@echo "    PIC=(1|0)     == Force enable/disable of position independent code"
+	@echo "    POSTFIX=name  == String added to the name of the the build (default: '')"
 	@echo "  Install Options:"
 	@echo "    PREFIX=path   == install/uninstall prefix (default: /usr/local)"
 	@echo "    SHAREDIR=path == path to install shared data files (default: PREFIX/share/mupen64plus)"
 	$(RM) "$(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/Glide64.ini"
-	$(RM) -r ./_obj $(TARGET)
+	$(RM) -r ./_obj$(POSTFIX) $(TARGET)
 rebuild: clean all