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Source File Build Problem.

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I tried two different things to get sources that would compile but it seems that _obj is an empty folder. When I closed the repository and copied the make file to the source folder and attempted to run it I get the following error...

root@archive:/mupen64plus-bundle-linux32-1.99.4/GlideNew/mupen64plus-video-glide64/src# make all make: * No rule to make target `_obj/osal_dynamiclib_unix.o', needed by `'. Stop.

I also tried the .tar.gz file that can obtained from the "Get Source" at the right side of the page and that archive doesn't have a _obj folder at all. Do you have the sources that are supposed to be in this folder? Feel free to e-mail me as I don't have a bitbucket account raymondboettcher(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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