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Issue #3 invalid

Open Glide64.ini Loop

Anonymous created an issue

When opening up a ROM, it continuously opens up Glide64.ini, sets the ucode = 1. After some time, the ucode gets set to -2, even though it can find the correct hex for the game.

This is output of my log: "Video: opening /usr/local/share/mupen64plus/Glide64.ini

Video: ucode = 1

Video: opening /usr/local/share/mupen64plus/Glide64.ini

Video: ucode = 1 ... (over and over) ... (finally) Video: opening /usr/local/share/mupen64plus/Glide64.ini

Video: ucode = 1

Video: opening /usr/local/share/mupen64plus/Glide64.ini

Video Error: Could not find Glide64.ini! Video: ucode = -2

Video Error: Error: uCode crc not found in INI, using currently selected uCode


By my count it opens 990 or 991 times and then stops. This seems to be consistent whether I hit start to go through menus, etc.

Glide64 is only video plug-in able to open this ROM.

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  1. Anonymous

    Re Issue #3: Should read. Glide64 plug-in is only one able to display ROM video without errors (ie. functionally usable).

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