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Linx issue Mupen64plus-video-glide64

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Hi everybody,

I plan to set Mupen64plus by default for N64 Emulation in my own Linux system called Platypux.

I could success compile your plugin by remove 2 flags : "4.2" flag in Makefile.gcc in Glide64 and "out-implib" in Glitch64 directory

However when i want to launch the game, I have this error :

dlopen('/usr/local/lib/mupen64plus/Glide64.so') error: ./lib/glide3x.so: undefined symbol: glTexEnvi Error: Specified Video plugin not found: /usr/local/lib/mupen64plus/Glide64.so

I used the Nvidia drivers How can I do to resolve this error please? Thank you for your help

Specifications : Gcc 4.6.1 Platypux x86 - Linux 3.0.2 'Mupen64Plus Core' version 1.99.5

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  1. platypux reporter

    Ok sorry for the confusion and thank you very much for your answer. How can I activate the "Get frame buffer info" in order to read all frames for Bomberman game? I see there is this function in Mupen 64 5.0. Perhaps in the mupen64plus?

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